What is the Nexus Ecosystem?

Fito Kahn
4 min readDec 13, 2021


The nexus ecosystem is the umbrella for an ever-growing list of Defi utilities and projects that are being vetted and released under the Nexus ecosystem name.

You might be asking, what is Defi? Defi is short for Decentralized Finance and is a term for peer-to-peer financial services projects on many public blockchains, but primarily Ethereum.

The Nexus Ecosystem was created to be able to offer the crypto community Defi projects that are vetted, offer utility, solve a problem, are community-driven, and have great tokenomics. In addition, a large benefit of holding Nexus Ecosystem tokens is that the token holders receive pre-release information of new tokens allowing them to participate in the acquisition of them if they choose. These are not “pump and dump” short-term tokens. They are also not “Meme” coins. All coins in the Nexus ecosystem have been designed with a purpose and to solve a specific problem giving them real utility.

Trubadger (trubgr) is the flagship and main cryptocurrency as well as the first one that you should consider getting and holding for the long term. Trubadger is a deflationary, reflection, and utility token and is the foundational cryptocurrency of the Nexus Ecosystem and the one you need to be holding to participate in pre-launch opportunities and airdrops.

NSights (nsi) is an advanced defi trading platform a related token that is essential if you are trading or holding multiple defi tokens. nSights Increases your chances of profitability and helps you navigate the DeFi space providing key indicators that help your crypto trading. nSights was designed to provide their users with previously inaccessible but necessary tools that help cryptoholders analyze their holdings to better determine their financial goals and entrance and exit strategies as well as their buy and sell strategies.

Safufide (SAFEST) solves a real and serious problem in the cryptocurrency space. How do you protect your funds from getting stolen by hackers, especially if you have to have those funds readily available in an online wallet such as Metamask. There are hardware solutions that can be used but those are meant to be used by connecting them to your computer. Safufide takes a different approach to security. Safufide allows you to create a multisig, (multi-signature) safe that is online and on the blockchain, that you can use to store your cryptocurrencies. The benefit of moving them to an online safe is that once they are in the safe, the only way to send them back out or withdraw them is by approving the withdrawal by confirming using multiple signatures. you can even set up a safe so that the confirmation has to come from multiple devices!

A major component and benefit to the community-building aspect of the Nexus Ecosystem is the onboarding and training that they offer to new and existing token holders. This feature allows first-time users that are new to crypto to feel comfortable as they are helped in navigating the difficulties of learning the steps of setting up wallets, purchasing and converting cryptos, and swapping on exchanges. This service alone makes the Nexus Ecosystem very attractive to new token projects that are wanting to launch a token but do not have the infrastructure or skills to provide the onboarding and training needed to get new users comfortable with these projects. The Nexus ecosystem is also very particular about what projects and tokens they allow and all projects go through a very stringent vetting process to make sure that they meet the standards of the Nexus team.

Whether you are new to cryptocurrencies or a veteran, You should be looking at the Nexus ecosystem as a real option for increasing your crypto holdings. Getting their tokens offers holders the easiest, safest, and best long-term solution to increasing your wealth in the cryptocurrency space. I make sure that the first thing I ask people who I am talking to about cryptocurrencies is “Have you heard about the Nexus Ecosystem?”

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Fito Kahn

Fito is a crypto evangelist and author of The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrencies: An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and the Technologies that Powers